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Blue M Animtions is an online platform that creates and provides content
essencial for teenagers, adults and all types of people who love to create
and tell them through a more childist style of representation...

What We Do

From tutorials and courses to an entire 3D Cartoon Assets Library, we try our best to create simple and high quality products!


Step by Step Guides

Discover our list of tutorials and courses - from 3D and animations to games and project managemnet...


3D Assets

Low Poly 3D Cartoon Models made in Maya and Blender - all of them have an OBJ and FBX file so that you can use them in other softwares. 


Animations & Products

We have been working on some interesting projects - short films, comic series and more...

We are working on that!

Game Kits & Assets

If you are having troubles starting a new game, we created simple game kits to give you a jump start. 

We are working on that!

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